New Year, Better Tomorrow
02 januari 2020 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Let's start the new year with less drama,
Less hardships and less trauma,
Lets kick this shit off with grand ideas
Let's begin with cutting of false stories

I've had enough and dammit I'm still tired,
But I've had enough with giving up, so let's get wired
On happiness and joy, stop judging others, and to destroy
Friendships or families, about something they did to annoy

Cause in the end when you're bound in the grave,
No one will ever remember how hard you had it,
Or who's to blame,

So suck up your pride don't blatantly apologize,
But give up on the toxic people in your life,
Their not worth your time kid,
Because you're moving up, ain't got time for that shit,

So step in on you're stride, it's enough with the pain,
Stop feeling drained, take one step forward,
And fuck being judged by others, that's not what you're doing this for.

I haven't felt myself for quite a long time,
So It's time to go back to my mind,
And not paying to all the unkind,
If you have an opinion about me that's really great and all,

But you're not going to be reason of my downfall.
If you have a problem with me, you'll be the one to answer that call.

Happy New Year to all the kind souls I've met,
Let's start this new year with no regrets.

- Wouter Stam -

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Donderdag, januari 02, 2020 10:38 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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