My honest side to this mean story
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A poor girl, from A straight yet honest family
Dissapeared for seven years from the good life, you see.
It's not been my fault- I have been honest through my bones
I guess this is the price for being always alone.

Speaking up, preaching wishfull things about liberty and dignity,
Made them talk to and about you as if you where A pig
And the head organizer's pet Frank, was such an arrogant Dick.
They never talk about what they accused to me.
Their undignifying hypocrisy, made me devaluating see.

That feminin strength, A personality too strong for them,
I guess I'm just wearing clothes with A wrong hem
I'm not affraid, but I've been stepped up so low-
For these men their evil wickerboar show.

Now All criminals out in the world, step upon me and have their mout full
About A girl who isn't vulgair- just lonesome and dull.
I wish I had people by my personal side.
Someone alongside who could fight-

And help me out, All I do is crumble internally for seven years,
Being chocked out on the street, eaten internally by my ecisting fears.
I don't fear you, I guess I wish to be known like 'the Hurricane.' - from the Bob Dylan tale
All my attemps to become someone trustworthy and allright with them failed.

My case is, A story about someone powerless, just watching it sliding to revenge
Upon some well ment, humoristich sarcasm she never painfull ment.
It's all just about seeing through their act, and having the right kind off sass,
And it's all just imagination and your self-declared, pretentive higher class
My honesty and see-through did unfortunately fail
arrogance towards someone like me from all their folks I inhale
I just had wished for A more fair tale.

So much spat down, and the price off being more lonesome, Upon my name.
I wish I could have someone to stand up for me,
I'm not blind and as stupid as you think you see.
If I had more strength to stand on,
My hurt would have been finally gone,
No one would dare to bring me shame.
I don't fear punishment, I just fear to be spit out in the face
A brave girl like me- deserves to be put back on grace.

I won't listen to your blame and comments towards me at all. I have been the good person in this painfull story, for over too many years. MY heart is bleeding almost empty, not theirs.

- Dreaming Star -

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 Avr corner
Zondag, december 23, 2018 11:03 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Triest! Het leven kan inderdaad hard zijn. Sterkte!
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