The Puppet's Mind
21 januari 2015 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Filosofie / Angst / Dood

My cracked face, comes to force a smile
My fingers, with red paint on ehm, start to play the broken down piano
As the heaven comes down, pouring all the anguish
Oh how the mockingbird mocks me for what I wished
A starry wish upon a blank night, could I have ended this?

My body is like a puppeteer, it matches the rhythm that I play
I feel dead and cold inside with no soul, no smile, and no life to partake
Although I smile, as big on my face, as white as my teeth
The burned up soul in my artist’s soul has finally starts to crackle underneath…

My pain is envy, as my heart was solid gold
Broken down by tiny miners, everyone who watched, was sold
My own gimmicks caught up one me, and I don’t remember when
I’ll ever laugh again, about a trend that never deemed worthy of my attention

So now I am here still playing, with the piano all red
For my soul, my mind, my face, my teeth are bleeding
A happiness machine and a soul robber I’ve been called upon
Never wished for this but the public rises like a dark shadow..Upon
Me they wish to seize, they wish to hang my head, put my body and mind separated…in a casket
Oh how the corporate machines can be more then cruel, they wear out your soul, they put tar in your veins…
like fuel..

I never wished upon this starry wish, that I could this everlasting career of the devil, while no mortal man, has ever seized me, as I can’t escape the machine’s plan. I am doomed upon eternal awakening, never saving my soul for another for as I keep playing the piano sounds of my sorrow heart’s weeping.

I beg an end of thee, oh the terminate button for my brain for me to seize to thee and start to break down like a broken puppet, as I was, as I am, a mortal man again reaching his hands to grasp upon death…like a shadow for the eternal slumber.

- Wouter Stam -

Gecontroleerd door: Brenda


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