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Let's talk about butterflies, who're flying flower from flower
Let's talk about the grass, it's so beautiful green until they got mowed by a mower
Let's talk about the beautiful part of life
The part besides the endless dive
Let's talk about happiness
Instead of loneliness
Let's talk about hope, instead of dope
The hawks, the falcons, the eagles and other beautiful animals
Let's not talk about life's survivals
Let's talk about the sun
Let us for one time don't run
Let's love each other like it should be
Becoming inner free
Let's talk about good people, where I've never talked about before
The people who never swore
The people with a good hearth
Getting sometimes ripped apart
And still they help everyone

Let's talk about them:

Feeling lost,
The smile on my face needs to pay the cost
Getting broken each day
Sometimes I just want to fade away
Those hypocrites, poisoning me
I'm getting locked up in my head, instead of becoming free
Happily there are also people who are nice
They roll my inner dice
Living to help another man or woman
Always thinking 'Zen'
I love my life, just for those who need me
But I'm suffering inside, you see
Pointed my aim
I just don't want to get fame, that would be lame

Let's talk about animals:

Living without a worry
Doing things without a sorry
Giving love to you and me
A smile as big as man can see
First, he's playing
Then, he's sleeping
A beautiful life
They've never heard about our dive
They are real
Love and friendship is the only things they feel
I much them as much as kind people

That's what I call good
Don't ever give up the mood
Not everything is bad
Not everything is sad
That's why I still fly
Fly far in the sky
Gaining power to face another day
Just to enjoy the things that doesn't want me away
The thinks where I live for
The things where I never talked about before
Please, Let's make a little walk, just for a talk...

- dark writer -

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ik walk in thoughts gezellie beside you! Hou van dit soort kletspraat!
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