Living a fairytale
04 januari 2008 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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All I ever wanted was to live a real fairytale and find a prince to love,
but God had some other plans with me, up there above ...
I wanted to be a princess who fell in love with a charming prince,
and that's where my enchanting story begins ...
I was supposed to be the keeper of a big,
white castle with a butler & dragons who'd protect me,
every part of my castle would be VIP &
we would take time at 4 O'clock for tea !
I'd have a thousand dresses for every occasion,
who've been worn by the richest ladies in generation!
There would be people working under my supervision everyday,
and every moment in my life would feel like my birthday !
I'd give money to charity, so people would want me to become a queen,
than you'd see me in every magazine !
I would never make mistakes and do a paris or nicole,
even football players would try to impress me by dedicating me a goal !
my prince would buy me the most expensive jewellery
and clothes from gucci, prada and all the rest,
trying to fix a great and meet with me,
would become the biggest contest !
But all this fame & my important name got changed into shame,
'cause now I've got a whole lot of better than all this luxery,
God set up a meeting with you,
and that became the only place where I want to be !

- Always&Forever -

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Dinsdag, januari 15, 2008 20:59 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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trying to fix a meet & greet with me, would become the biggest contest.

x Always&Forever
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