The Mind is does wander
27 januari 2002 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Verdriet / Verwarring / Leven

The mind it does wander
Racing so fast
How to keep up
How long will it last

Memories and fear
Laughter and joy
All mixed around
god what a toy

Great ideas one day
screw ups the next
what's going on?
is this some sort of hex?

Angry and mad
filled up with rage
enough emotions
to fill up a page

Depressed and sad
lonely and blue
ready to leave
this world are you?

Fear to the end
how can this be?
nobody cares
god, cant i just leave?

Hanging by a thread
slipping away
losing it slowly
day after day

A mask thrown up
"im all better now"
convincing others
i'm sure i can, but how?

"glad you're better"
you get all day long
deep inside you're not
but pretend to be strong

The worst kind of cycle
straining for many
for you, people will give
their very last penny

Laughing so hard
holding it in
pretending to be strong
is it a sin?

A few good days
thinking its better
wow i can do this
now sadness wont come.. ever!

Suddenly one day
tears come out
feelings of leaving
how did this come about?

Back in the cycle
"cant i leave yet?"
no one really cares
that i can bet

The mind it does wander
racing so fast
how to keep up
how long will it last

- wendy k -

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