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Youíre hurt inside
But donít want to loose youíre pride
I canít stay and I canít go either
Donít know if she exist, but just beat her
What am I supposed to do?
Now that I want to give my life for you
But you canít give in
And I canít do a thingÖ


Screaming from the roof: Whatís going on?
While governments are so strong
But you have got no one to cooperate
Youíre getting desperate (and dejected)
Changing the world, falling in love, losing a certain someone itís so hard when youíre already on your knees.
You feel powerless because nobody has the keys.
I canít do a thing while everybody seesÖ


Even the best philosopher canít describe the feelings came together when helplessness hits you
It can be so cruel
Are there really things impossible?
Looking up and down, nothing changes, someone hits a snare
Here I liked and here I disliked
There must be a way out here, but I canít reach it
And who really can?
We are trapped without an escape plan, like mushrooms in an ice-cream van.
And I canítÖ


There used to be so much fun
But now it is gone
And Iím not done
Where the hell should I belong?
What will happen to my son?
No one answers, Whatís going on? Because I still
Canít do a thing about it
If we could, I wish somebody did

Pre- R.

Donít expect a thing just sing

I canít do a thing (about it)
I canít do a thing
And yes I care
I canít do a thing
I will start just by the beginning
I canít do a thing
I canít do a thing
I canít do a thing
I canít do a thing
Yeah I canít do a thing no

Maybe I am afraid
Does it make sense?
I donít give a Fuck

- johnny_88 -

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