Holy shrine.
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Holy shrine.

you come unto a spot woman
no one touched before
you unclose this secret door
hidden for so so long
i locked this thing away inside
had to be so strong
but honestly since that day
i have not really lived
something stayed behind
on a golden beach where we walked
side by side.

this golden beach, where she ran
a glitter in her eye, flashes of light
when she looks at me,in my unbelieving eyes
i, so surprised to see, all this beauty
really meant for me, given so freely by her
to a man, that knew only shame, till then.

a scene so frozen in my mind:
she who steps down the stairs of the dune
moving golden hair, curling in the air
like she is seventeen again
she turns her head over her shoulder
throwing me a smile like only she can do
letting me know that she feels it too.

the door is opened and i look inside
my tears are running all the time
you who for the first time
teached me love
i so scared
so scared to do it wrong
and look foolish in your eyes,
because you seemed to know it all
overwelmed and totally surprised
each time you showed to me how
we had to go inside the holy shrine
of overflowing love, you were mine.

and now i realise its you who
looks like her in so many a thing
that is opening up my mind
it must be a courage that we share
enabling me to go over there
and see again the scene

remembering how much we shared
deeper then i can in my dreams
unfrozen time it seems, and i
start to sob and cry ,
its been so long so long
ago that horrible goodbye

you really are a miracle
to enable me to see to a long
forgotten, piece of me.
and i realise that this is true
your poem like a tingling bell
took me by the hand
and softly made me move to what
was lying there, and made a stand.

and i started to unblind my sight
of things that were long gone by
but never had the chance to find
its place, frozen scenes in time
because i then could not find
a way to handle them in proper ways.
so that it would settle and come to a rest
i am so surprised that love is doing that
right now and somehow
you are so crucial to that.


- Frank EastWest Abbo 1Abbo 2-

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