Quest more important than number on
22 augustus 2002 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Quest more important than number one
`Iīm real` okey who wrote that line
Now ainīt that funny?

My voice is leaving me no choice but to be quit
I almost hosted a show for talented kids
Because they donīt know what it is
Maybe I am wrong or only a shade or lesser part of this song?
But at least I donīt rhyme:
I love you and I want to be with you for all times
Shue shue or you feel my shoe kicking your most value

I donīt use words to speak
My sound makes it sound like Greek
So only a few will know what I say
And even lesser will know what I just said

I canīt sing so wouldnīt even try to step on the stage
To do that thing I lack talent thatīs locked in the cage
Like the bird I told of earlier remember
For me the curtain is hold forever
Thank shit itīs sounds perfect

It took a time to release a dream
For a while it looked unseen be others
I yelled at them for not knowing, damn it
I was mad but slightly and gladly rightly came in time
The light I saw wasted Cinderellaīs ball
Let me explain I dreamed of soccer
it seemed to me that I
am a better person being a famous
But with my legs I couldnīt even break a egg

Sunglasses in the winter holding the bright white light
Away from my Genius brain making me insane
One step to gain, from being complety nuts
I love this world wonīt let it shut
Itīs the only thing I got
Tried to live with it
Hide to deliver it
While in the mean time
Bit by bit
Shit was in the medical kit
Bite me to bloody hell
I can tell it ainīt funny
For a mean old time
To go around
But the sunny times
Come back
Maybe in heaven
Or in real love
Not meaning number seven
Up above
But in the winter season
With snow all covered
Shit all over it
But did what I do
And gues what
She just told me
I love you!

Iīm not a smart ass or a famous man
Iīm just doing my best as good as I can
Ainīt it much, itīs okay
Gave my best, the best I got
Ainīt enough, itīs okay
Cause she is gonna love me
In any poor or other way

- Nick -

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