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   I am just a little man with a big h

I am just a little man with a big heart
I care about the world
And my gone but not forgotten sweetheart
Nothing can stop till I am down the ground
No more breathing and no more sound
I am a lot of fun I can live without a gun
I donít care if this feeling goes away
Someday we will meet again
And rejoin our love again
May you feel the same
Or was it just a mistake?

May we feel the way like we used to
May we meet again like we used to
May we find each other as we did before
May we have this moment once again
I miss you my dear so lonesome again

I havenít felt so in love in years
Itís weird to shed so many tears
For just a girl who once was a stranger
Love can put you in a lot of danger
Iíd shoot an arrow like a ranger
In your heart to win you over again
My powers are weak and youíre the one I need
Iíd cut myself for you to bleed
Iíd die for you so shed no tears
Donít be frightened I still love you and Iíll be there when youíre asleep

May we feel the way like we used to
May we meet again like we used to
May we find each other as we did before
May we have this moment once again
I miss you my dear so lonesome again

Iíve tried my best to live life again
But you keep coming back in my mind
Even though youíre not around
That smile kept me alive you were so kind
People say to forget the past but those were the best times
Why would I want to erase that out of my mind?
I see said the blind man, youíre with another man
At least I hope youíre happy and have the time of your life

Iím just a little man with a big heart
Goodbye my sweetheart.

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