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You tear me apart
You are the faded image
You're a star in the sky
You are the other side of me
you not a father for me
You've died
you start it
You told me, you would return
Youssef rust in vrede
your forever
Yanna ik mis je zo...
You saved my life
You are a total stranger to me
You died
Your sleep
You're always in my heart
You live in me
Yoran we missen je
You know I would
You're a star in heaven...
You're killing me
your dispair
Your chocolate heart
Your finger, and mine
you're a part of me
You're with me
YPB Witte deur
you'll never be the same again
YPB Diep gezonken.
yweede brief
you┤re my family
you know what?
You are
You flew away
You're eyes are a walking death
You and me
Your gone
You're a star in heaven now...
Your wish.
You're ~ I'm
You''II never walk alone
You're not Here
you're the devil, I'm the dead
Your name
Your Beautiful Silence
your hand on my shoulder
You didn't succeed
you won't cry
you killed me
You're killing me!
You Should Have Known Before
you'll stay our light
you'll be there in heaven
You Always Live On
You have peace now
you are
You just stept away
you died
you died
you got me missing you every day ro
You've crossed the bridge
Your poems will live forever (voor
Your own life
you are killing me
YOU don't know!
You are my angel
you're still with me
You dont believe it........
your sool
You would have never died
you closed your eyes
You're my angel
you can die as others do

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