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You're just a lie..
Yin Yang
you chose for her
Your rules..
You can't fool everyone.
You ware a dream.
ypu're a musquito
You saved that little girl
Your Own !
You and me
you know that feeling?
you shouldn't have..
You'll get what you've had coming
You are always on my mind
your not here..
Your so good called memory
You hurt me...
you messed it up
YPB Triomftocht in Rome
You're a fake
You used me..
You never cared
You're mud inside.
Your tool
You made me do this
You leave me to die
you're lying
You played a game
you are a lie!!!
You're not that innocent
you made me do this
you girl
You were my friend
Your dirty lies
you're beautyfull dark eyes.
Yeah, right...
Your Promiss
You shut me it's my turn!
You know me better
You Stole/Terror In My Heart
you have frozen feelings
your fault
You Are Not
you don't deserve love
You break the wings of an angel
You will not get me!
you said..

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