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 letting go.. Nog geen reacties   --justme--
 In the mirror stands this girl    --justme--
 hidden memories..    --justme--
 a change..    --justme--
 since they know..    --justme--
 it's too much..    --justme--
 reality and illusion..    --justme--
 too much pain..    --justme--
 body image..    --justme--
 keeping up appearances    --justme--
 the way I feel..    --justme--
 change..(nederlands)    --justme--
 the end..?    --justme--
 I wish..    --justme--
 odd feelings..    --justme--
 down once again..    --justme--
 can I go..?    --justme--
 can't go on..    --justme--
 verwarring..(nederlands)    --justme--
 therapie (nederlands..)    --justme--
 mood..    --justme--
 living on..    --justme--
 don't worry, be happy..    --justme--
 all the anger..    --justme--
 no words left..    --justme--
 unanswered questions    --justme--
 not any longer..    --justme--
 not you too..    --justme--
 afraid to sleep..    --justme--
 i need to let go..    --justme--
 Iife and the living..    --justme--
 drowning inside myself..    --justme--
 young girl, don't cry..    --justme--
 why did you go?    --justme--
 should i leave..    --justme--
 the hurt..    --justme--
 once again..    --justme--
 just a day..    --justme--
 far away ...    --justme--
 do you ever..    --justme--
 another dream..    --justme--
 i no longer know..    --justme--
 drifting away.. Nog geen reacties   --justme--
 no..    --justme--
 just imagine..    --justme--
 come again..?! Nog geen reacties   --justme--
 the fear.. Nog geen reacties   --justme--
 who am I ?    --justme--
 ways.. Nog geen reacties   --justme--
 how come..    --justme--

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