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 Plastic sky    FrozenScar
 Bring back the smile we Des...    FrozenScar
 HeartAttack, I Ruin Lifes     FrozenScar
 To Be Stupified In smiles O...    FrozenScar
 Loneliness, Takes wide steps    FrozenScar
 I fall To fail    FrozenScar
 Iím a little child    FrozenScar
 Not A Face Seems To Fit    FrozenScar
 Eventually Iíll bring victory    FrozenScar
 Forever Lip Tips    FrozenScar
 Hated, loved, Or.....     FrozenScar
 Secret window In fiction    FrozenScar
 Eyes wide Shut    FrozenScar
 Locks have been changed    FrozenScar
 My puzzle of Life    FrozenScar
 arrows build with broken sm...    FrozenScar
 Look for the girl with a br...    FrozenScar
 Ü+ Julei Ceasy +Ü    FrozenScar
 When my heart keeps missing    FrozenScar
 Switching buttons, From wro...    FrozenScar
 Breakout    FrozenScar
 My Thrown Of Secrets    FrozenScar
 Now Iím More Than Fine    FrozenScar
 I'm Two Times Nothing, Stil...    FrozenScar
 Reflected To Nowhere    FrozenScar
 Scarful heart     FrozenScar
 no End in the universe Eith...    FrozenScar
 A new found destiny    FrozenScar
 Blood Red Regret    FrozenScar
 The jewellery of scars     FrozenScar
 Iíll never shoot your heart...    FrozenScar
 Sleep of the Waking Loneliness    FrozenScar
 I Left The Sun Behind    FrozenScar
 Invisible Suffering Inside     FrozenScar
 Speak In Deadly Romance    FrozenScar
 Killing Night In Bed    FrozenScar
 Moveless haze    FrozenScar
 Emptiness I feel you embracing    FrozenScar
 Don't Sign On Death's Paper    FrozenScar
 Drowning Fall In Loseness    FrozenScar
 Do I have to reach tomorrow?    FrozenScar
 No End In Hope Or The Rope    FrozenScar
 However no longer aloneÖ    FrozenScar
 Was the alcohol better than...    FrozenScar
 Endless Wounding    FrozenScar
 Please The Enemies    FrozenScar
 Poetry written in blood    FrozenScar
 Sad Sad Sadness!!    FrozenScar
 Face your hate for me    FrozenScar
 The pain rewinds    FrozenScar

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