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Fictie / Verlangens / Mystiek

A sacred world with boundaries unknown
With high trees and crystal lakes
Where the phoenix of despair has flown
And the shining sun greets the falling flakes
Dragons prowl the forest during evening shades
In the air little fairies come flitting
While in pretty sunlit glades
On rockformations gnomes are sitting
From a distance you can hear snow bells ringing
Everybody is happy and forlorn
Everywhere the rushing waterfalls are singing
For this sacred enchanted place is where fairytales are born
A world to visit, so I can just disappear
Where I can fulfil all of my needs
When all I want is escape my fears
A pure gentle laugh covers my soul, which bleeds
A place where I want to be both day and night
For the conjunction of the minds is almost at hand
The reality is starting to get out of sight
But it doesn't matter now, at least I won't descend
I see myself with long white hair flowing to the ground
Immune to negative thoughts which try to penetrate
And while lightning flashes all around
Only love is what I tenderly generate
Based on a world you call 'reality'
I'm busy summoning an intense rage
For there is an evil psychic entity
And his powers are at a higher stage
But he cannot enter my mental tower
For it is sealed with pure white strings
Where I will stay untill mankind's latest hour
Before I escape and unfold my wings
And fly away in dragonflight
For freedom is what I win
Untill a new landscape will get in sight
Where an all new journey can begin
And magic is sprinkled within my soul
Stars twinkle brightly in the sky
As dreams of love tenderly scroll
And the angel of dreams winks her eye
I'm flowing upon fantasies of heated desire
I wake up in the heavens of peace
And love inside erupts with such fire
Building emotions that can never cease
I live my fantasy so intensely
Yet one fact still makes me sad
While I want to be there so immensely
It's still a world...just in my head

Dra'igornh Luna (Don)

- Don -

Gecontroleerd door: Sheena


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 MayadeBij corner
Donderdag, juni 27, 2002 00:06 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Yep, erg herkenbaar... Maar ik geloof als je echte Liefde om je heen hebt, het ongeveer hetzelfde moet zijn. Hoop ik dan toch...
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