Life after Darkness
17 juni 2002 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Dood / Angst / Spiritueel

Deticated to DataLynx for showing me the meaning of life!!!

Sheets of darkness have wrapped its wings around the core exsistance of time feeding off of its energies.
Life weakens and darkness thrives .
A futile struggle to break free for all that has bound thee.
Darkness poisens the soul and creatures of evil live on to grow old .
Spawned from the miss understandings of darkness are the demons of oppression here to teach invaluable lessons .
Like a cacoon of dark strands wrapped in darkness's hands .
The minds eye blinded by uncertainty .
Thought, idea, and imagination have ceased.
Forming these ever so horrible beasts .
The grip of inhuman man keeps it erect with an illusion of stand .
Talons burried deep in time.
Controlling life clutching its spine .
A puppet to death It takes what is thought to be Its last breath .
In this breath are all the ingreedience of ones last senuous existance .
Little to be know in this breath breathed resistance .
A taste , a smell, the sight of life .
These correspondences have produced a tear .
A tear of all that which be held dear .
Little did darkness know how this tear would flow as it grows .
Ripping through darkness's dreams.
Now light lives on and its magic streams.
The eyes of reality blind them selves and that which oppresses the mind's eye withers and dies.
For in it there are no more shadows for darkness to hide .
Manifested be the hands of light.
Taring to pieces all that is dark in minds sight.
The battle not yet won.
The talons of torment still toying and having fun .
There is now silence in resistance.
Time now used to awaken the once forsaken.
The minds body awakens and now wants back all that darkness has taken .
A silent scream now adds sound to the scene .
The talons of death now regress as they are broken .
Now it is darkness that is choken .
Wounds of torment still bleed and into it the colors of life impeed .
Assuring that darkness does not suceed.
What was once thought to be the end is now the beggining.
The beggining of Zenů

- TheSandman -

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