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09 april 2020 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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The sea of memory
Is filling more and more each day
In forlorn moments of reverie
That seem to fleeting to ever stay

How much time is there to remain
What will the future bring
Will we fill our glass with happiness or with pain
Is it a low note or a high one we値l sing

Frequently I ponder
On questions such as these
And I sit and wonder
Why we are often unkind in setback grieve and unease

When disease and moral hunger
Are gnawing at our bones
Sadly we池e often indifferent to them when we池e younger
And we値l go from rocks in the road to stepping stones

For those around and those to follow
Somewhere in the sands of time
Let our message be of meaning and be it not hollow
So that they may shine in their prime

Maybe they値l make their own mistakes
But you致e preserved them from yours
In those dreamlike years they will be awaken
Ready to go through unopened doors

They may soar much higher
Then you値l ever did
But you値l get to witness their fire
With a smile on your face and a tear from your eyelid

Such is fate and such is life
Experience is given after
All that matters is the strive
Hopefully the sadness will be outweighed by the laughter

Let us enjoy this place
With all its joys so wondrously full of delight
So that with each smile on your face
You値l scare away the night

- Pathos -

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 Clarice corner
Donderdag, april 09, 2020 22:15 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Mooi gedicht met mooi slot, Pathos. Mensen lijken nu wel bewuster en respectvoller met elkaar om te gaan, hopelijk blijft dit ook na Corona. Gts, Clarice
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