Lovely Marianne
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You walked into our living room
a little nervous I could tell
So I offered you a coffee
While you were holding yourself well

I slowly walked up towards you
To start of how we once began
By holding you tight close to me
oh, Lovely Marianne

Your body has the beauty standards
At least itís the trend of now a days
But your soul is my standard for beauty
And thatís a thing that always stays

Your eyes wonít disappear neither
as for your stretch marks and your scars
All those things that make me love you
on your bodyís repertoire

I will see you once or twice
before weíll never meet again
Cause Iíll protect the hearts of you and I from hurt
lovely Marianne

All together it is doomed to fail
If one stops believing and holding on
A marriage surely wouldn't solve a thing
Same as raising a daughter or a son

These days Iím holding up well
I learned happiness is something from within
but loving you is a choice I made
and I usually finish the things that I begin

But go ahead and take all of my savings
Cause I saved it for our wedding and our future kid
Take every piece of furniture
cause I donít care a single bit

The one thing thatís gone and I do care about
is your trust in me as your man
If only you could take a glimpse inside my heart
Youíd knew, lovely Marianne

The day you speak out your own boundaries
and see that someone elseís emotions are not yours
That you canít always keep the peace
and speak up whatís going on indoors

Then maybe love becomes more natural
and things will easier find their way
but remember that through the struggles of finding out
I never intended to leave you on some day

You once said we would talk it out
But instead of that you dropped the flag
And now my talking days are over
Cause no words would ever bring you back

See, Love surely ainít a straight flat road
itís shifting and changing gears
But know that when I kissed your lips
I could see the road of the upcoming 50 years

going off road for a while can happen
But I guess you just lost the way
And since you donít want my directions
Tell me, what is there left to say

I miss you deeply, but Iíll be moving on
Knowing Iím well worthy as a man
But also knowing this was never mend to end
Farewell my lovely Marianne

( Tyler childers- Lady may )

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