Inner circle
11 augustus 2019 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Vriendschap / Leven / Bewondering

The circle grows and dwindles
And in the dance of light and dark
I see our faces and our wrinkles
Signs of grief but thereís still a spark

We sit in silence pondering
Days long past
And days to come wandering
What fate will bring the die thatís cast

How many times
Shall we sit here together
How many words have fallen between the lines
Albeit we are birds of the same feather

The fire crackles and raises our thoughts
Some bonds cannot be broken
Ricochet the scarce shots
Our covenant sacred but unspoken

Like this circle without end
Life goes on
And let me tell you this friend
Youíll always be close never gone

This is a finite timeline
This is a one-way trip
You became someone with whom I align
You share my kinship

And when itíll end
I cannot tell
Whether itíll be on descend
Or a rising from hell

So letís raise our glass
While our voices lower
In this world without class
You manage to let time pass a little slower

When so much is inessential
In our day to day
You seek the potential
And help me keep faith in the way

- Pathos -

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