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You laugh at me,
or wane yourselves in dissaproval.
Like you have always done-
As if I know you all,
Even know your faces or your prissy wee names.

In sick, nasty behind the elbows- dissaproval,
You always towards me wane.

It's your shame.

Why should I stick around with you?
Drawn yourself in the Rhine,
Or the cities surrounding the middle
off this country in The Utrecht province,
not very far below where
You live. And feel my pain,

this heart-cry rap is barely A true revenge
Re-respect my name. It's your hands floating with
Victimized blood.
Leave me alone-
You all where never any good
(To me.)

As if I wish to return, after all the pain
You only seem to give.
I loathe you, loathe you all-
After insultfull laughing,
After my disasterous fall
From grace

Loss off face

And meanwhile it's me who should tell you
How it has hurt eternally,
How there has never been any mercy
Towards me.

And how you, disastrous troll,
I don't even know your name at all-
how high in your head
Do you think I assume you truly are?

It's you and your scene mates- Who
Wish to keep it that way
What kind off humans are you then?
Not capable to lend me A firm hand out
After falling on my- precious, once pretty face,
But just laughing out loud
in A circle surrounding me,

and yell silent, unspoken,
yet clear heard insults
like the bullies
You actually are.
I'm not blind.

My face in the mud, taken off all it's pride.
Just for a coward off an organisation
Off questionable might.

I loathe you, I loathe you all-
I only wish to come back to break your jaw,
destruct your face. Let you feel my eternall
Bleeding heart, and it's undone pain.
I'm so angry- I could disguard you yourself
And let you fall-
From your 'mighty.' Stupid grace.

As that's what you deserve
For making me stand alone,
And loose my place.
Undignifyied, filled with fright,
But never gave in,

Even though

I'm powerless.

I know, and I've seen-
The true side off y'all.

I loathe you, and If I could I would let
All off you feel
The graceless death that never seems to heal.

-Yours Sincerely.-
Maaike de Vries

- Dreaming Star -

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