Crowned by a mad man
08 november 2015 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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last night i was crowned by a mad man
with a shattered skull full dangerous myths
the neighbourhood watched while my window broke
why must God deploy its boldness on me
maybe i have not served God well
but what have these people done
if God wants fairness but only makes Oliver twist
between being well or being good
than what is this purpose he gave me at birth
i feel the shame of my clear shortcomings
what is it that makes me not ready
why is it that i cant cope with a basic life
or aren't capable of making room for myself
word on the streets is that my fire is out
and my light is turned off for good
so only the endless water remains
they joke about it, but do not understand the full story
i just feel empty like a trash can who is left in the cold
by the people who parade on instagram about their excessive life
but i do not need to hate or pity their attempts in life
for true magic is also near their powdered faces
so i smile just a tiny bit when i am faced with my dilemma

- David de Vreer Abbo 1GroeneSter-

Gecontroleerd door: michris


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