A Phase
02 oktober 2015 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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~A Phase~

You say itís just a phase
that iíll be okay, iím fine
i want to believe you
but am having a hard time

You see, youíve been saying this
for the past 18 years
iím ďonlyĒ twenty-two now
Strangled by silent tears

iím breathing yet not living
trying to but donít know what for
Suicidal since age seven
Canít go on anymore

Only existing because of Godís grace
couldnít breathe, but He gave me breath
Wish i could want to live (i canít)
am longing, awaiting my death.

You say itís just a phase
would you care to explain
This phase is lasting ever since i was four
iím stuck Ė depression and death are my lifeís main

Main subject, main theme, the chorus
the storytelling in my song
No one seems to have an answer
What did i do? Where went i wrong?

i found my answers, made peace with them
Theyíve been with me all along
This world has no place for a monster like me, no home
i give you some time but yes, iím leaving, Goodbye solong

- Allysson -

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 september corner
Vrijdag, oktober 02, 2015 21:08 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Ik vind het al een hele kunst een zo mooi en ook moeilijk voelend gedicht in het Engels te schrijven Alysson. Ik beheers de taal niet goed genoeg. Ik las en herlas je gedicht vandaag enkele malen. Een zin uit een liedje van Faith No More (cafeine) kwam bij me op -it's just a phase, you''ll grow out of it- maar soms dekt dit de lading niet. Knap gedicht. Liefs
 Pbouwknegt corner
Vrijdag, oktober 02, 2015 20:46 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Having trouble Reading this. Don't mind the misplaced capitols please.
It's my iphone. Monsters are everywere. They let us know, Our wrong.
Your language is so rich. I am one of those who think about the inperfection of live. And how we get distracked.
Your poems make sure that people are Reading. And therefore thinking. And therefore worry.
Hope to read again your words.
Read you tomorrow
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