A letter to my neverborn
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Dear child,

Once upon a midwinter's morning quite a few years before you was born, I (your father) had a thought, a spark, an inspiring flow of words, feelings, love, love for a child i did not even know for sure, I would ever get to welcome into this world, but here you are, so it all came true, so now all of a sudden these words finally got meaning.

On that cold and still very dark morning, I asked to myself (and if you want to know, to all the gods that be as well), "what on this earth could i ever wish for the one laying in my arms, my future legacy, this earths hope and future, and my only chance to be everlasting (not that it would have meaning, but still), on the first morning's sunrise of its life”?

Thus my heart spoke:

"If the gods gave me three wishes than two are already granted",

"Fist they gave me your mother, without who, you would never have been born in the first place".

"Than they gave us YOU, so all life got meaning, all the chains got linked and all the links became chained".

And thus there was only one wish left.

"I cant wish for ever lasting life, regardless of the fact that neither me nor you would ever want that, it would probably not be granted anyway"

"And I won't wish for you, an undepletable stack of gold, for I know now, that even twice that amount, could never make anyone happy".

"Nor would i wish you everlasting health, because what good would it be if you where sad all the time".

"And and as i don't believe the gods to be stupid, i would guess that an endless streak of luck is probably out of the question as well"

"yet still i have my one wish left" i sighed within myself. But even though life, can be cruel beyond any sense of meaning, this time it was not, and thus provided me with the answer, the one safe wish, the one answer to whatever may come, the one thing i can truly wish you, without any precontempt, nor with any slithering serpent under the grass".

"So i wish you faith, not in any biblical figure, nor in any god's grace (because that would be wishing for a drop of water in the sea), but i wish you faith in life and in yourself, faith that everything is worth fighting for, regardless how bad things may seem at times, faith that you and your generation, your children and grandchildren, and anyone you find willing, will find a way. Regardless of the problem at hand, regardless of how slim you chances to success may seem".

"I wish you a firm belief in that you are never alone, never unloved and never at the end of things".

"I wish that life will someday grant you the opportunity to write a similar letter to your children to be, because you believed that it was possible and you made it come true".

"My dear child,
Faith is the knowing that, in time, all will be right.
It is the will to work impossible endeavors against all odds, just for that single: 'what if it could work and i didn't try'.
It's loving, and knowing that your are loved back.
And telling your heart's truth without allays wanting the 'right' answer.
It is that faith, in yourself rather than in others, that i wish you.

With love, (even if you'll never be)".

- A Lost Angel -

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