Lessons of the deafs
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The story begins
When an army was,
Overthrown by Veganus the grim
With a big blast

As their hearts fell in waters deep
The leader gave the command
For all to retreat
And later make a new stand

But those who were deaf
Thus couldn't hear
Kept Veganus men at bay
Without their harts filled with fear

Until they gazed upon
The desolated space
Where all the man should've stand tall
They too, fled with great haste

Once in their homeland
They were heroes, by all praised
They gave a chane for those who ran
So in their name the cup was raised

But every deaf man
Had a look upon his face
They could not understand
The songs that were sung for days

When a wise man and friend of the crown
Remembered they couldn't hear
Bode to write it down,
On a stone with some special gear

To late, he remembered
That none of them could read
He said, my god they're all damned
As tears fell at his feet

And until now
The deafs still aren't properly praised
But they learned and made a vow
Their banners never again were raised

- middernachtzonnesteek -

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