Loving you
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Iíve chased you for almost two years,
Always being by your side..
Iíve always believed in you,
And there was always a silent hope we could be one once again..
Though deep in my heart always knowing,
You would never feel that for me..

I never stopped loving you,
And every day I was with you I had to keep it inside..
But it was burning so bright,
And it kept growing every day..
Iíve let you use me, just so I could get you near again..

There were days that I couldnít stand the heart each,
Knowing that all youíve put me through,
The signs were so clear..
Everyone said I should let you go,
You were a lost cause,
And us together was just false hope..

But I never lost the light,
I never lost sight in the thing I wished the most..
I wished for you,
Cause I felt the connection,
And I knew it with all my being this could be the one..

Months had passed and I lost the hope,
Starting to realize that it wasnít making any sense..
Why should I get the fairytale ending?
Why would my hope be reality..

Iíd lost my dream, Iíd lost my hope..
Iíd lost the feeling of ever being one with you..

As soon I was ready to give up,
You lid my light,
By finally truly giving in, and revealing it was all lies..
Youíd never forgotten about me..

And now, it seems so surreal..
I never believed in praying for what you desire most..
So how can it be,
That when I hold you in my arms,
It feels so good, it feels so real..
But still so surreal, cause you gave your heart to me,
After all this time, all these fights, all the pain, all the mistakes,
Your with me..

I canít believe how happy Iíve become,
Never believed it could be true..

You are my fairytale, you are the love of my life..
The one that got away,
And the one that retuned..
The one I will never let go of..

- Asylum -

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