Rule my world
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Rule my world.

This day,
i didn't smoke,
for the first time,
i didn't think of it.

I was just,
doing the things,
i wanted to do,
just for fun.

Nothing special actually,
But it was a good day.
I woke up this morning,
just like always.

With the one i need,
guiding my day.
I felt peace,
in just tiny little things.

That's why i know,
i need you more,
then anything else,
in this beautiful great world.

So much things to do,
so much places to see,
so much ways to cross,
but none gonna take without you.

I just need you in my life,
cause when i'm thinking of letting go,
i'm depressed,
and when i think it will be oke,
we will reunite,
then i'll have a great day.

"She gives me joy,
she gives me sadness,
so she gives me love,
it just ain't madness."
Lines i hear coming from a boombox.

So far,
so close,
Just want you to know,
you are the one,
i really need in my life.

And you know why,
Because of everything,
that's way.

everything in the past,
everything in my dreams,
everything for the future,
everything in the present,
everything like you,
you're like everything,
the only everything,
i need.

I see i don't need my parents any more,
i'm a grown up men now,
i see i don't need friends,
i can have a great time on my own,
i see i don't need allot of money,
i can live with just enough to pay the bills,
and to buy me some food,
But I still will save money for fun stuff.

Just as i think i need,
this, this and mmm that,
i came to recognize,
i do not need anything at all,
except for you being into my life.
That's why i need you back in my life,
and not just for one day,
not just for one month,
or even a year,
but i need you as long,
this feeling of positive energy,
doesn't disappear.

And after two years,
i need you even more,
and more and more.

"you don't have to be rich,
you don't have to be cool,
you don't have to be beautiful,
to rule my world,"
Just a piece coming from a movie,
matching my thoughts
all you have to be,
is just you,
Cause you rule my world any ways.
I want you back to rule my world,
just here and now,
just here this present,
and i hope,
you'll rule my future too.
Cause i really need you.

- Fulvipes -

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