Cause of...
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Cause of...

You'll all want to know,
how my time is running by.
Every day,
and every night?

It is hard,
very hard,
cause there isn't a day going by,
without being alone.

Well there are days
i've to work,
so there i'm not alone,
and i can talk a little bit.

But when the work day is over,
i'll go home,
and i'm kinda alone,
got her on my mind,
but can't let my heart do the talking.

So i write,
i paint,
i watch movies,
and i listen to the music.

when i think of her,
i feel so many things,
happy to know her,
sad that i'm not with her,
happy to got her on my mind,
sad that i've wasted so much time.
But still i'm happy,
cause i still believe,
things will workout just fine.

I'm talking to girls,
sometimes i go chill with some of them,
just to do something different,
And yes it is fun,
but it isn't ever the same.

I can't feel much for them,
i just like them,
but that's it,
And thinking of giving them love,
it is just impossible.
i can give love,
but never for one hundred procent.

It will never be the same,
It is making me happy,
cause that's how i know,
who i really love.

It will be oke,
two years have past by,
and the love has only grown,
that's how i know,
this love for you,
it is real.

If i didn't love you,
i wouldn't write to you,
i probably wouldn't had think about you every day,
i'm not afraid to hurt your feelings,
i'm not afraid to stand up against you,
i just didn't understand.

I feel stupid,
i never knew about real love,
i thought love would be,
Being nice,
doing everything for.

But know i get it,
Real love means also,
standing up against one other,
to be mad about something,
and letting it know.

So sorry i didn't recognized it,
I never understood,
i always thought negative about myself.
i felt like i was doing everything wrong,
like always.

i thought i was sick,
that i wasn't like the most people,
That everything i do,
Was wrong.
But by thinking that,
i responded with doing things wrong,
but i didn't know.

Till i met you,
You made me realize so much things.
Sorry i walked away,
without standing up for what i feel.
or for what i think.

So shut up,
and hear me out,
Don't speak just listen,
to the things i want to say,
for so long.

It is gonna be,
Cause now i know,
how to walk the way,
i always dreamed off.
Sorry for waiting so long.

The silence told me this,
and now i see.
How it suppose to be.
hope you'll forgive me my weakness,
Nobody ever told me,
i never understood,
i recognized it,
but never knew how to act,
cause i was to afraid to hurt you,
but by thinking that i was hurting.
and not just you,
but also my parents and the people how care about me.

Saying to them,
i know i will not do it again,
but in the end i still did,
and they got angry about what i said,
not about doing it again.

I was afraid to tell,
that i like to do it,
i like to, i love it.
no i always thought,
it isn't oke,
so maybe i can change that way.

But from this point into the future,
"I'll do that what i like,
i'll love the things i love,
and if somebody isn't liking it,
sorry, but it is my life, my heart,
and i'm gonna fight for it.

So don't think people can change any ways,
I'm the only one who can do this,
people can say, maybe it would be better,
but in the end,
is it mine to take any way my heart wants to take.

So yes i screwed up,
so yes i didn't know,
but you know, i do now,
and i'm gonna tell you,
i'm not leaving my heart way.

Sorry but i just can't do.
This love is the only thing what is making me feel good,
if i hadn't this love inside,
i probably would loose myself.
Thanks for still being here for me.
Thanks for being in my heart,
cause you let me live,
right from the start.

cause of you, i'm learning about life,
cause of you, i'm learning about myself,
cause of you,
it always was,
and always will be,
cause of you,

i want to learn more,
i want to live on.

- Fulvipes -

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