That dream.
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that dream

I feel like a kompas,
that way,
that way,
no that way,

to the north,
to the south,
Maybe the east,
or would it be,
The west.

But still,
own home is best.
So they say,
but for me,
would be,
the best,

With you,
north, east, southe,
And west.

You fit so good with me,
is a perfect match,
i just feel it,
i can't discribe it,
but still here i'm,
hoping the day'll come,
facing some true things,
Every day new lessons to become,
happy with you.

God knows we worth it,
i won't give up.
I will became,
the one,
you want.

I have to learn,
who i'm,
who i'll want to be,
Who i always dream of.

Not a psyco,
but a better men,
I'll only think at you.
When you needed some space,
to do some navigating.
Like i always believed,
i had to do it too.

Hear the difference,
i can make.
I know who i am,
i want to be,
i know what i want,
i know i have to be strong,
but still,
you're all i want.

I heared you got a boyfriend,
but i don't care,
My heart will break his,
he is not the guy,
like i'm.

I think i can make you stronger too,
just the upper-sit soul,
But together so much stronger,
So i can see how you do,
cause i always learn.

I think your making me a tough guy,
i think it means your heart is so strong,
but why you don't show it,
you only read it,
and nothing more.

I need to learn,
what i got,
and who i'm not,
so i need to go for it,
not holding back.

So i'll stop writing,
and i'll gonna think,
how i can do something big,
to show my love.

If the life spirit is forcing me,
why i'm holding back,
Just need to go for it,
cause i want to do something about it.

But with a sweet flow,
so you'll know,
he is still the one who goes,
and fight for me.

Go 90,
i'll go 10.
You can break my heart,
any time,
it will never break,
my love isn't fake.

I think it will never be over,
it will always be there,
so no matter what you do,
i'll do,
where just mend to be,

Come together,
tell me where you'll go,
and i'll to be there.
And if i can't,
i would say,

We can live,
just without fear,
without pain,
happy forever,

Like the most,
beautiful love story's.
our will be the best of all.
I think we are mend to be.

Cause when i think of you,
and speaking to my heart,
life is standing in front,
and is pulling me over.

thinking about you,
makes my life so much nicer,
so sweet and open,
open for my eyes.

Feeling a sweet nice flow within me,
the flowers are dancing on the wind,
the water is flowing, like you're hair.
The fire grows and grows,
i need to see you more.

So tell me what you like,
the things you thinking of.
I trust my life,
i trust the way it goes,
what will ever happen,
i know it is for the best,

if i think of myself,
i think of so much beautifull things,
things what makes life, worth to live,
life is so much more,
life is so much more we ever can see.
but the only past i don't want to miss,
is the part of seeing your face.

You'll face me,
I'll face myself,
and you.
You are giving me a face,
the face i always dreamed of.

I think without you,
i'll come into my nightmares,
The only place i just don't want to be.
So i'm gonna trust on life,
life will let me know,
when it is time to go.

There is just more in this world,
people don't know about,
people not see,
and yes i'm also a human,
but i see, i know, i believe,
there is just more.
more i need to adore.
Cause you make the line between,
never to break,
it isn't fake,

i had to learn,
what i got,
and who i'm not.
I'll never give up on us.

I think i rather die,
then turning my back on you.
I just can't,
i just don't want.
Life is with me,
with me in my trust.

It is giving me a good feeling,
sweet and beautiful,
just how life should be.
I can't describe it in words,
in actions,
but on the other hand,
i'm always writing about it.

My biggest problem, is missing you,
but it begins with me.
So the biggest problem is me.
that's what i see.

So i ask myself,
what should it be,
i think it will always change me,
to the guy i dream of to be.

So i think i need to go,
and you're guiding me to my dreams,
cause without i'm just falling,
pull out of the oceane,
let us fly above the oceans,
above the mountains.

I think,
i want better days,
i think,
i want them now,
it would be better,
every day,
if i could say,
i see it this way.
God knows we worth it.

Love for someone,
it keeps me warm,
and the weather wouldn't even matters,
Cause it's warm inside.

The sun in my house,
so flowers are gonna grow,
so it will be warm in my home,
so i would feel so good.
I trust it will be,
i just have faith.
i just know,
and you feel it too.

i think you are afraid,
you'll won't be able to live,
i think you are afraid,
of saying good by to the old life,
yes i was scared to,
but i do anything for you.
can't help it,
it just goes,
without doing anything,
i can't hold back.
i just think.

I think i lost control,
control of my self,
but i got it back,
so sorry for being so dumb,
you did right all the time,
i think you had know all will happen,
and still you are fighting,
life is telling me.

I won't give up,
i'll just trust,
having faith,
in the life,
of love,
the rhythm of the heart.

I think i can't anything,
but there is one thing i hate,
not being with you.
i understand the feeling,
you are feeling too.

But trust are love,
it will become,
the greatest love,
you always dreamed of,
i'll be the men from above.

The men i'll always been,
without distraction.
I see how to flow,
so let are love go,
till the love you want to know.
i want to know.

I think we would be perfect.
i think we would be everything,
i think we would be so much more then others,
i think our love can only grow,
i think we both know,
i think we will fly,
i think you ask me why.

Cause nothing is like this,
nothing is pushing me to better days,
nothing is pulling me back from the dark,
nothing but you,
i think you are the only one,
who can do.
So here i'm,

writing a book,
a book with just two faces.
a book about the life,
a book of a dream,
a book of trust,
and respect.

book of life,
my book,
your story.
You fill the pages,
every single day,
I love your way.
but know i think i want to right,
about a time of being together,
i think how it would be,
would it be like the dreams,
i think i can be,
that dream.

- Fulvipes -

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 Hans Winter corner
Dinsdag, mei 15, 2012 20:38 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
zodanig leven
dat je degene wordt
wiens ideaal waar kan
wezen, dat maakt de liefde
zienderogen zichtbaar.

 Antonie corner
Maandag, mei 14, 2012 20:08 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Still going on!Keep strong.
One day she will come
Good luck-antonie-
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