Time and Place
05 mei 2002 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Time and place
they baffle me
continue to do so
the more I see
the more I move
these concepts remain mystery

I cannot grasp
how here I am
right here
right now
then time elapses
and I've arrived
at there and then

I cannot hold on
to time passed
nor place myself ahead
are memories
imagined times?
unless perhaps
when they were shared

Others provide evidence
but how real
are even they?
when time has passed
and others gone
no evidence remains

What use
the passing time
we learn
we give
we grow
for what
remains my biggest quest
the same time
and passing life
defeat the object so

serves this learning time
which purpose
knowledge gained
to function in the future time
but dwindling with age

shall all the wisdom flow
when time consumes ourselves
a place of which we do not know
where time no concept be
the endlessness of universe
somewhere sometime unknown

The purpose of it all
I'm sure
lies beyond our reaches here
perhaps best not to question
why it is we're here

Still, time and place
they baffle me
moving from here to there
and back again
in the space of time
leaving me wondering
all the time
when was I where?

- Yo -

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