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Hello my dear.

I know this fact is not something to cheer.
Christmas & new year are already in the past
But for you 2010 will forever last.
I do have one little gift,
Even though I know it isn’t the perfect fit.

For you I have a rose and one last song
Even though I think for you the choice is wrong
I know the song is probably not your style
But by means of this you stayed with me for quite a while.

Now it’s time to let you go
It’s time to say “see yah cozze, ciao”.
I know I can be soo proud
That I wanna scream and shout
I knew such a fantastic man
& we’ve all been your number 1 fan
All you ever dreamed of was this life
With your steady job and your almost wife
You thought you still had so much to do
But if I had to pick a hero it would be you.

Even though I know you’ll stay in my heart
The pain of saying goodbye makes it so hard
But this is a different goodbye
It’s not like again you’ll die
It’s like darling see you soon
Till when I gaze upon the stars and moon
‘cause I know that where you’ll be
& when I close my eyes it’s you I’ll see
With beautiful wings & shining white light

‘Cause that’s your most upper right
You deserve to be honored for what you are
‘Cause dear Aaron, you are by far,
The best guardian angel, a family could ever wish for.

We all love you
And we all miss you
Take care…
Up there…
Rest In Peace.

- Kimberly Hofman -

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