A NEW STAR IS memory of L
30 april 2002 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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I believe when someone passes away
Either a star is born, energy so pure
That it creates new worlds
Or as the soul releases
Shatters into pieces
Becoming free flowing thoughts
For my mental thesis
Maybe we just don't understand
The spirits that still walk the land
Or whatever the case
I believe that we all still remain
To share the same space

So Lisa, I know you're listenin'
How you been?
Oh, I'm doin' fine, just passin' time
Submerged in sin sometimes I take a bath
And just get all dirty again
I try to cleanse my mind, cleanse my soul and get in
Into that place you've been
No, I'm not tryin' to rush anything
I just wanna visit you because I miss you
So what you tryin' to say?
My imagination been wild since I been a child
And since you're laughin' then
I take it that good things are happenin'

The day I learned you were gone
A new star was born
Distant voices fill my mind
Said look up in the sky
And when I did there you were

You must know you dared me to go on stage
you are an icon for me, a role model.
Because you always saw the bright side of life,
And never cared too much what other people said about you and your lifestyle...girl you must know I liked you...
and I'm So Sorry that you've been taken so soon from us.
But You must know your music and talent will be in our ears and heart.
So I hope you find some rest above what you always needed.

written by: Lisa Left Eye Lopes & 16.Dream.16

For always and ever one of my favourite artists...hope you realise there that you made me happy even though you don't know me...much love and rest in peace

- Foxxy -

Gecontroleerd door: Susan


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 blackdead corner
Zaterdag, augustus 14, 2004 14:08 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
mooi geschreven
als iemand van ons heengaat word ie een sterretje,en zal die zo hard voor je schijnen, zoals liefgde het brengt xxxxxx
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