Facing death (part I)
27 juli 2010 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Fictie / Mystiek / Dood

The afterlife creeps up on you like a bad dream...

I found myself in the world of the condemned
The cruellest of temptations dawned before me,
a fruitless basket, pictures of loved ones
My stomach ached like never before
So intensely hungry, hungry for food and love
Someone knew my weaknesses, somebody was here

Through the density of filth and particles
I obtained a clear sight of a hooded silhouette
Though his darkness mirrored in my eyes
making them desperate for the littlest of light

Then in a smooth swishing fierce motion
he conjured his crescent scythe from nowhere
And for a moment the last flicker of sunlight left
flashed blinding from his daunting blade
like a photograph-snapshot into my pupils,
leaving my eyes tingling and overdosed

Walking deceivingly fast towards me now
actually seeing fluid lime sipping from his bones
While his arms stretched side-wards and down
with his palms facing to the back behind him,
his fingers pointed everything dark and dying

Flowers and flavours suddenly crippled to crisps
being sucked through a black-hole into further doom
Gasping for air I inhaled deeply through my nose
but I fetched neither scent nor oxygen

The grim reaper grinned…

- Godvader -

Gecontroleerd door: christina


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 weerwolfjuhn corner
Donderdag, april 14, 2011 23:08 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
 LunaMuroni corner
Vrijdag, februari 11, 2011 16:00 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Hey ik was ps terug hier op en las je reacties nog eens maar jij schrijft zoveel mooier als ik
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