Rivers of reams
26 maart 2009 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Geloof / Filosofie / Dromen

I hope my feet
Wonít find the need
To return their route
Future should bring the good

I try to hold on to my fate
that we can still create
A place of eden, a place of light
A place that banishes the darkened night

Before my eyes lays a future, a path to take
Ours to make or ours to break
Letís rewind the mistakes we made
All that is has not to be, bad can fade

I see children with stolen dreams and closed up eyes
They have enough of our fighting and our lies
Letís lay down the arms, lay down the thoughts that destroy
The world we life in is to precious to misuse as a toy

Let us rise up from below, out of the dirt, reach out to the stars
They are us and we are them, gems of future just creating scars
Canít you feel it? We are linked together like the waves of a tide
Itís time to lift our heads up, turn our eyes open wide

We have a choice, do we choose to life or do we choose to die?
Do we choose to laugh or do we choose to cry?
Itís not a book that guides us, itís our heart, do we let it speak?
We are god and we are devil, light and dark, the strong and the weak

Can we love ourselves; can we learn to turn the tide?
I donít want to find the need to hide
I want to lift my head up to the sky
Chase my dreams before I find the need to die

I want to hold my hands and thoughts open wide
Treat you as an equal, withdraw my pride
Embrace you as a brother, sister or a lover
Release the mask I use for cover

I want to release the burdens from inside
Embrace a world to discover, a world open and wide
One with millions possiblys to take
One with millions of rivers of dreams that do not break

We are the chicken and the egg; the chained ones and the free
We are everything and nothing, beginning and the end, can you see?
We life with millions, everyone can change reality
In something that fits the dreams of you and the dreams of me

- jeroen weerman -

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 Dwaallicht corner
Vrijdag, maart 27, 2009 22:58 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Een lang gedicht, maar wel de moeite waard om te lezen. Heel mooi!

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