The walls, the door and the key
19 maart 2009 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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For all my life Iíve had these walls surrounding me
The door was locked and I had the key
It was the safest place Iíd ever been
A place where no one could get in

I saw a lot of people passing by
Some wanted in and looked up to the sky
Then tried to open the door
Not one got in or tried a little more

But then I saw you with your sureness
I knew you wouldnít settle for less
You ran towards my walls and me
All you did was sit on your knees

And you waited for a long time
You waited, you wanted to be mine
At first I wanted you to go away
This safe world was where I wanted to stay

After a while I started to like you being there
I felt like finally someone really did care
So I took the key and tried to open the door
But the lock wasnít the same as before

As I had changed, the lock had changed too
Now all I want is to be with you
While before I didnít need to get out
Iím starting to have my doubts

But you, you are determined and strong
You know exactly where I belong
So you embrace the walls, in your arms they drown
The next thing I know, my safe placeís tumbling down

You take my hand and we walk away fast
I look back and all I see is my past
I panic, I stop and I stare
Why is my safe place not there?

You stop too, you see my frightened face
And all you do, is hold me in a long embrace
Suddenly I realize, you are the key
Ďcause in your arms I feel as safe as the walls used to be

- Nata -

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