Prison of Perception
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"Prison of Perception" - modified version for
Copyright (c) 2007.04.27 by Werner Domroese

tall, dark and handsome men
that is what most women fancy
that is what society demands

but after they have dated them
it is us to whom they complain
the men they don't give a second glance
or a fair first chance

they share their pain
they look us in the eye
then ask us why
there are no decent men for them
no lovers for them to claim
time and again
ignoring what is right in front of them

so when she speaks to me
I realize that her heart is blind
how can my passion possibly compete
with the fantastic image in her mind
the perfect lover
the reason why
with true spirit cut off from freedom of any kind
her heart will always be incomplete
living a perfect lie
beating for a lover
locked away in fantasy

yet I shall always love her
and I will always wonder
what if
she should suddenly decide
to open up her eyes
to set free her heart
to see past self-imposed lies
to push her mind aside
allow me to hold her
protect her
comfort her
love her
be there by her side

fathom this truth now being told
female passion appears to be a myth
for her love is ambitious, dispassionate and cold

tall, dark and handsome men
that is what most ladies fancy
any other claim
is but a fantasy
to comfort those who keep loving them in vain
in any way they can
over and over and over again
I am neither tall nor dark
handsome is but a temporary grace
I will rarely be a fantasy
or someone she will fancy
but in spite of all her shallowness
she clouds my judgement
she ignites the spark
to brighten my day
to illuminate the night
and guide me through my times of darkness
a barrier that cannot be overlooked
an eerie and invisible haze
a woman has me hooked
and without her I could never leave this place

sometimes I wonder in vain
why I am not checking out
when all I must do is leave this place
when all I need to do is forget her face
when all I want to do is cry out
to convey to her my love
to surrender to eternal pain
to ask her if anything or anyone will ever be enough
to tell her what love is truly all about

finally i start to wonder
why I'm still suffering their pain
why the windows to a soul blind them
to all that is right in front of them
when all they do is look yonder
where yet another tall, dark and handsome guy
waves them over and provokes another laugh

how will our lives ever be complete
when our souls and spirits cannot roam free
when hunger is replaced with greed
when our minds block paths to adventure and curiosity
how can soul mates ever truly meet
when we live our lives locked away in a fantasy
we shall never find what we really need
wailing our long lost destiny

- Werner Domroese -

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 mobar corner
Woensdag, december 03, 2008 03:12 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
well done.
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