The right combination (song for Ka
20 november 2008 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Put some nickles in the jukebox
and play the songs I long to hear
Songs that tell about our lives
That ring out to me the truth so clear

How he fell for that painted honkytonk queen
but she ain't woman enough to take him from me
Tho' she was a beauty like you ain't never seen
I knew that after all, he'd come back to me

It was the bottle that made him fall
for her charms, Lord, she gave them all
But it was all so fake, as fake could be
If only I could make him see

That his happiness and life is here with me
I'll gladly take him back when he's free
From that woman's claws tearing him apart
And I'll gladly take him back to my heart

Now I'll try to leave these lonely city nights
Full of false hope in endless lights
Right now, I think I'll have another beer
And then, maybe...stay forever here.

Because I think I found the right combination
and must make the best of this bad situation
A situation we don't seem to get out
So we'll stay here, with the crowd..


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