I'm raped
07 oktober 2008 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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You want to know what happened
Well Iíll try to tell you
There was this boy
Who pulled me in an empty room

He locked the door
I was scared, couldnít do anything to make you stop
He tied up my arms and legs
And I knew what would happen

He got his clothes of
Mine also, I lied there bare naked on the cold floor
When he trusted himself inside of me
Things were getting black

He was ready, pulled himself out of me
He had enough of me
He said Iím a f*cking whore
And when he walked away he spitted on me

I put my clothes on again
Than I ran away, into the darkness of the night
Couldnít cry no tears, just kept on walking
That was when I got at your house

Now I realize
You canít help me at all
That was the moment I walked away again
Now Iím running away

I donít know where Iím heading for
I just know I canít go back no-more
He may never see what he has done to me
Nobody can know it

Now while Iím running
I got this thought in my head
It wonít stop repeating
Not even when I threw my head on the ground

Iím raped
By someone I used to like a lot
Iím raped
I even loved him

I wanted you so badly
But now youíve raped me
I donít want you anymore
I hate you now

There is nowhere I can go
Iíll just disappear
Into the darkness
I wonít come back again, never!

- Br0kenAngel -

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