The spiritual death
24 mei 2007 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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It is only when the feeling's lost,
that you can only hear the thoughts,
the feeling is empty,
and your life is frost.
It is only when the tensions are gone,
that true happiness can come forth,
but when one is overcome with tensions,
it can quickly spread like a disease to mort.
The spiritual death..
It is a known occurence that people have burnouts,
it is a known occurence that people sometimes break,
it is a known occurance that one sometimes loses oneself,
and people simply accept it, and carry one as though it was fake.
It happened to me now,
for over a month now I am dead,
my feelin's lost somewhere,
and thus so many times its this i said.
'It is not the thoughts that give meaning to life,
it is not the thoughts that control the quality of life,
we harbor the thoughts these days for lack of understanding,
but it is only the feeling that shall need our comprehending.'
To know that peace and joy comes in absense of worry,
to know that sadness and frustration comes when worries are met,
it must now be known that if this society is carrying on as it is,
then there shall be no other fate for it's people than a spiritual death.
I'm longing for these words to be acknowledged by the mass,
it's the tensions we spend our lives with that go unnoticed,
as though life and tension go hand in hand,
my fellow human being get your head of the sand.

- Pure Love Abbo 1Abbo 2GroeneSter-

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