To my best friend...
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To My Dearest Friend, Sister and Companion...


Your comment was so beautiful
It made me cry...
This poet is just for you
To remember me by...

Your friendship means so much to me
I canít even explain...
Youíre more than a friend
Itís like we have the same blood running through our vains...

We think the same
We always say it out loud in time...
I think weíre made to stick together
Like a hip-hop beat and a rhyme...

I would put my life in your hands
And my sonís too...
I have no doubt about that
Thatís how much I trust you...!

If I need you
Youíre always there for me...
Listening, comforting and advising
Like a true friendís gotta be...

But I wasnít motivating you
I didnít knew how...
But all that is gonna change
And it starts right now...!

I will be there whenever you need me
If youíre falling, Iíll catch you...
If you need a helping hand, Iíll reach out to ya
And if youíre crying, Iíll be your tissue...

So donít you ever worry about a thing
Iíll be on your side...
Life is like a rollercoaster
And Iíll sit next to you on that ride...!

These are my feelings for you
Which I couldnít hide...
Thatís why I had to write it down
One of your favourite colours on White...!


- Febi -

Gecontroleerd door: christina


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 MeisjeN corner
Zondag, juni 03, 2007 21:01 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
beautiful !
 Juudtt corner
Donderdag, mei 10, 2007 20:43 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
What a great poetry!
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