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08 december 2006 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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The healing is farther and farther outside and inside
The healing ferms far away from where I belong.
Let me all do the dirty things and I feel deliberated
Learning slowly is the best way to teach some one else
I may be quick as water the water is never raising cause it will the same water as where I have always been in
The in between bringing comes like a bird who is flying and goes up and up.
Will I ever see where I am and where I do belong?
The beloning is the destination that is as nice as can be and no further obligations worthed.

While I have never taken a place the place has come to me and I will sit on it like an plate who doesn't move.
Spoken like an river who is walking and never stops running but always be the same river.
The gliding will be awkward and stand in a line that is so straight that you will not bow it but it will bow you

All that makes me running is seeing me and waving like an orphan who does has a home
If it makes you care more than you can handle, choose a right way to carry it and be happy
The foundation that makes it so miscaleneous is the magic of the flight which can bring you some where you have never taken place of.

All that I do is just writing my words to see if you can follow them.
The following of the sentences can fly away but will never shake like the milk in a cow

My last freedom was last year which was so never ending that it almost looked like I had found a place on earth
The place where I did not belong but the belonging gave me the feeling it was

My heart is showing me the seeing of what makes it so precious and announced.
The farther you see the more yu can feel
All that I see is more and more without having glasses
Maybe its the red glasses which is giving the right view where I have been thinking of that it was nothing.

The sleeping part that is coming into my life is already going on and will never stop
That means I am a dreamer who is waking while I am sleaping
If some one is waking me it is not possible cause I will wake in my dream
My dream is reality which is going further into other realities where I feel not home but just wandering what it is and who has created it.
Maybe it's the most beautiful part of my life to do just like the way it goes
The way that is existing and I did not know the part of the road but I was right standing in front of it, I did not where the right glasses I think

What I could do when life is over, that will be an never ending story and to long to bring it on paper.
Its better to adjust it and save that for later when there is no time for it any more, cause you will be lost in space

- Strangle -

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