what about now
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What about now

I gave up my faith in you
And I just want to see you
See you as I remember you
I hope I can forget the way you treat me now
But even when I can forget my heart is empty without you
And even when you hate me I just love you, just let me
Let me be happy with you in my fantasy and maybe
Deep inside I feel like I canít be happy with you, you know
You just donít get it , and I just donít get your story
How can you say, Iím always sad Iím not lonely all the time,
But feeling lonely without you in my heart, so just stay there
No I wonít give up and it donít matter , you donít know what I feel inside
You donít feel the way I feel for you, maybe you never did
How can I say that, I know you loved my,
Just forget the things when I see you,
So when god say, we could not be in love, thatís our destiny than
And you know, you think what about now, and I must forgive you
I just wish you didnít say stay away
How the fuck can I forget you, give my tomorrow
I want to talk to you, and donít protect yourself
Donít say I cry to much , cuss I canít cry anymore
Even when you see so much tears, this pain inside will never come out.
And now Iím pretending Iím happy , I am but feeling so weird without you
And god how can you carry on when you see me crying in your dreams,
And Iím only asking for some words ďIím sorry how are you I still care about you, Iím your shoulder to cry onĒ
But these word never came in your mind, how can we be less than a pearl.
Than you could only say what was wrong, and I was wrong, I am wrong
But I hope you still see the thing is me you loved once so much,
And you donít do things wrong , itís me who canít carry on
So sorry for how I am, but you are always like a pearl,
I still remember you as one year a go,
When I write this down you see a smile on my face, and itís real
But now we are free, our hearts are not one anymore,
I know I will be in your heart, but you forget me once
Your feeling for me is not special anymore,
And I should feel the same
But you will never go away even when you are not here,
Who can say where your love goes ? who can say where your road goes?

- LuckyStar -

Gecontroleerd door: Anastacia


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