Perfect suicide
22 september 2005 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Perfect suicide

Make the scars bleed again
Let the enemy guide
Getting hurt;
The perfect suicide

Like everything slips away from you
It's getting hard not to close your eyes
But eventually you close them,
together with your heart
To never feel again

How could pain get you this far?
How could you fail yourself like this?
I know this isn't how you want it to be,
But face it, this is just the way it is

As the angels weep for you
Heaven cries out your name
Hope is forever lost
Tell me whoís to blame

Youíre just too broken to feel
You told too many lies to be real
Cried too much to scream
You lived too long to dream

Too lost for reality
Too freaked out for insanity
Too forgotten for memories
Heart breaking so easily

Looking for lost pieces
But you're heart's too broken to heal
Heaven must have turned against you
To make your nightmares so real

Trying to break free
From reality again, hurting me
Trying to let go of you
The only thing you want me to

So we always followed the same road
Lost it all, together
Now Iíve got to let your hand go
Though you promised it would be forever

So it all was a lie?
When you said forever
You actually said goodbye
And made me realize
It was never really worth the try

Should I keep on hoping?
Or will the angels never cry for me
If you heard I was breaking down again
Then would you come back to me?

Or would you be hoping Iíll never ask where you have been
meanwhile making real what used to be unseen
wondering what youíve become
wondering whatís lost and whatís really gone

Would you give up your happiness,
Just to hold my hand?
Would you give up being not alone,
For something you donít even understand?

Would you leave, wherever you might be
To make me as happy as I pretend?
Or wouldnít you even care for me,
And just forget about me in the end?


- LariiSsa -

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 joostiej corner
Vrijdag, september 23, 2005 13:14 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
mooi geschreve ;D
mzzls joostiej
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