The thought of friendship
25 juli 2005 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Vriendschap / Geen Thema / Geen Thema

For how long, it is you and me together?
For how long, you and me are friends?
For how long, it really didnít matter?
For how long, I do matter Ďwhen it endsí?

Itís stupid, Itís endless, and because of that,
itís going on my mind for ages.
I donít like it, I canít defeat it, and because of that,
I write my pages.

I donít mind thinking twice,
about how it all would go,
I do mind thinking twice,
that I důnít really want to know,

But my mind is running circles,
round and round and up each hill,
But I really canít succeed them,
because nothing can fulfill

I lost my mind, I lose my head,
but Iím actually the same
And after years I know you know me,
and will see who I became

But nůw Iím thinking endless,
about you and me, and Ďthrowní
Itís that really moody monster,
some day all of us have known

His name is also strong in distance,
strong in fights and strong in pain
And it overrules emotion,
where it stays and will remain

Many times I thought I killed it,
overruled it in my head
But I made a big mistake,
and now Iím still looking ahead

It sneaks in, it walks out,
sadly with you on his side
I see you both fading in distance,
and Ďthrowní is full of pride

He has got you, youíve been taken,
now itís only by distance
But soon will follow, more directions,
without any resistance

It makes me sad, it makes me cry,
it even breaks my heart
It makes me simply want to talk,
but not knowing where to start

It makes me think as weird as possible,
and figuring out Ďwhy do I careí
And nůt knowing the answer,
I start screaming Ďitís not fairí!

Thatís where the circle seems to end,
but where it certainly begins
Different thoughts are straight in line,
never nowing which one wins...

- sorriso promise Abbo 1-

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