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For a moment Iím weak so itís hard for me to speak.
Try to fly away, but itís impossible.
Every breath gives birth to deeper signs.
Confusion circling in my head.
Do I really know who I am?
A rising- dream or a falling star?
Tangled in a web with a pain hard to forget.
Tears are running in to the time that Iíve waisted trying to find a reason for goodbye.
Asking myself why I live in scene, the world of real emotion surrounds me.
Itís the upcomming day that showes me my truth.
A day in my life, a link in my chain where Iím beginning the ending.
Doesnít take much to learn that the bridges I burned left me stranded feeling alone.
Closer than it seems cause happiness was just a part of my dreams.
Canít keep something I never had.
Questioning the strongest of heart, I must start believing in the one thing that has driven me so far.
Underneath the way I feel Iíve lost myself between whatís real.
Sometimes the thing you lose is exactly what youíll find.
All I ever need is a chance to be.
Taking my own chances, finding my own answers.
Nobody should dictate me and my mind for nowhere I stand.
I can only give me all, so respect me for what I am.
Can erase my worst mistake, but I canít erase whatís written in my heart.
Reflexions of my misery, others only judging what they see.
Living the day like the next day would never come.
Time to wonder, time to let it all come down.
Only an illusion cause Iím still the same person no matter how fast I run.
Hearing sweet echoes of the past, the lessons Iíve learned are the pages Iíve turned.
Iíll never win the game of life if my heart wonít let me free.
I donít need a high IQ to succeed in what I do.
The answer lies deep inside.
Thereís only reason to win this twisted war inside of me.
Never compromising my integrety or fight to be free.
Running to myself, running to the eye.
Finding my own true face living my life one minute at a time...

-Stieneke- 4 maart 2005

- Stieneke -

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Zondag, juli 24, 2005 13:25 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
wow lang ;)
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