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12 juni 2005 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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When I leave this world;
I don't want the people to be sad for me;
Ok,I admit,it wasn't always sunshine;
But I was happy;
I had everything I ever wanted;
I had a family who stood by me no matter what;
You always tried your very best to provide me with all the things I ever needed;
You always gave me your unconditional love and support;
I will always be gratefull for that;

To my three best friends;
I love you guys;
I know that sometimes we didn't see eye to eye;
But no matter what happened between us;
We always seemed to find the way back to eachother;
You guys were always there for me;
We could talk abuot everything;
I'm gonna miss that;
you guys really were my true friends;
I love you guys;

To my dear husband...
I know it's gotta be hard on you;
But in time it'll get better;
I promise you;
I know you don't wanna think about it yet;
but I want you to move on with your life;
You don't have to put your life on hold for me;
If you meet someone new then you should go for it;
Our son will need a motherfigure in his life;
All I want you to do is to tell him about me;
I want him to know who his real mother is;
I don't want him to grow up without knowing who I really was;

To my little babyboy;
Mommy is gonna miss you Isaiah;
When I heard I was going to have a baby;
I was so happy;
I could hardly wait to bring you into this world;
But then the bad news came;
When I was six months pregnant I was diagnosed with cancer;
I had only nine months left in this world;
I'm going to die by the time you are six months old;
I want you to know my sweetheart;
That you were the most important person in my life;
Even though I only had you for a short time;
You were my pride and joy;
Even though I'm not by your side anymore;
I'll always be in your heart;
And you will always be in mine;
And remember my son that whenever you feel down;
I'll always be looking down on you from heaven;
Just look at the stars and I'll be right there with you;
I love you and I'll miss you;
Your proud mother;

There is only one quetion in my mind... Why does my baby have to grow up withou his mommy?... I love you Isaiah.. I always will...

- Soul_Angel -

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 Germar Maris corner
Maandag, juni 13, 2005 20:07 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
*snif snif* echt mooi... speechless...
 darkstars corner
Maandag, juni 13, 2005 01:09 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
* kippevel *
lang geleden dat een gedicht me zo aangegrepen heeft...
ik wens jou en iedereen om je heen en vooral je kleine ventje heel veel sterkte!

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