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Silent paws trotting

On a well beaten trail

Alone in the wilderness

So young and so frail.


Little yips, unanswered

The moon is now his guide

Looking for his pack mates

Or have all of them just died?


He sniffs the dampened ground

And senses men everywhere

The silence is deafening

No howls in the air.


Oh why did he venture

So far from his den

While his pack fell silent

At the hands of men?


His stomach is growling

But the hunger he'll endure

His pack family is out there

It's their blood he smells for sure.


He stops in his tracks

And raises his head up high

The terror overwhelms him

As he lets out another cry.


Still there is no answer

He can't understand why

He will follow their trail

Or it's for sure that he will die.


For days now he has travelled

His spirit and body gone week

He lies down in white clover

No more energy left to speak.


Soon the soul hovers

Over this tiny, frail pup

Whose future now will be guarded

As his soul travels up.


What right do men have

To take life from a living thing

That has no way to defense itself

Against a human being.


The wolf is a symbol

A brother, A friend

Now it's time for action

Before his existence comes to an end!

- Oakpaw -

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