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You still see me as the little one,
That you would put down and be done...
But Iíve changed into a free spirit,
And I wont take it no more, thereís a limit.

Iíve changed and I will get you back,
I will not let you treat me like a paper sack...
You figured I had no feelings, youíre wrong,
And I will let you pay for what you have done.

Iím indepedent and free,
Not as I once used to be...
You like to put me to the ground,
But new hope and courage Iíve found...

Iím not yours to keep,
And let me tell you: the hurt goes deep.
People seem to think that Iím their own,
But just fuck off and leave me alone...

All suprised that Iím pissed for one time,
They all look at me like itís a crime.
Well I wont take it, not anymore,
Cause me is what Iím fighting for...

Youíve hurted me enough,
And I still remember all the hurting stuff,
Donít believe I will ever forget,
Yes, Iím still mad...

- Skydancer -

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 gwenje corner
Woensdag, augustus 04, 2004 16:37 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
don't give yourself away, you've got enough reasons to be mad... great poem :)

dikke knufs gwenje
 aidakyra corner
Woensdag, augustus 04, 2004 02:36 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Mooi geschreven!
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