Let me sleep...
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Oh I'm so tired
I can't go on
Oh let me sleep a while
Cause I ain't strong

Oh let me sleep a while
Just let me lie down
Let me close my eyes
And give me the dreams I'd found

Slowly they let me on bed
And I close my left eye..and then my right eye
Don't be afraid stranger
It's not that I'm going to die

But let me rest a while
I want to strong up my life
Don't be afraid my dear
I don't gonna pick the knife

No, I'm gonna sleep a while
I'm excausted of all those feelings I felt
Not just the bad ones, also the good
I wish I could hold the dreams I held

But I can't, and I know
I'm gonna wake up now
Don't be afraid my love
I'm changed..'just somehow

I'm changed, I'm stronger now
I can do everything
The first thing I did was running
Running to my children and let them be safe under my wing

I just strung up for this what will come
I now it will come so soon here
A war is began and the fight isn't over yet
It comes to the middle of somewhere

You thought it could find us
Cause we life in a place unknown
But it IS found by them
There isn't time to let our children grown

The fight comes and we won't be safe at all!
But we won't fight either
Cause war isn't bringin something good
But fighting in a war against it doesn't neither

I let my children come with the rest of the angels
They run away to a saver place
I stood still and waited in my room
I know I'll meet the warfighters face to face

But I'll wait and stood for my window
I saw they're coming to me
Oh..I don't let me leave this place
I'm gonna protect the place to be!

'Go lady' a man said and ruin my room
I walked to him and said No
The man looks to me, surprised as he is
I said that you must go!

I looked the man in his eyes
Knowing he wouldn't do this, but he must
I am sorry, but you must leave this building now
There came more mans and dreddned(dreigden) to me changing in dust

I laugh and asked who they think I am
Just another girl they said
You're wrong..Now you must pay
Pay for ruin my world..and they're death

I'm sorry, I won't murder you
More man came along and one of them shoot
I'm hit in my chest but I went on
Żou wasn't good

The man took his gun again and shoot again
But I went furder and trew all man out the window fast
The man was alone now and shoot out fear
I was hit now, and I remember the past

It was happened before
This story I told you
I was just a little girl then
And didn't knew what to do

But a old lady knew it and safed us
But she died in the stride
I cried all times and swore it
If there is another war..It's not me that's gonna hide!

I had protect the children I loved
I had protect the building I lived so long
But I do know that I must fight now
So as I would go to the place where I belong

I go to my next life now
Cause I'm death now
But don't worry, don't fear
The war is over...somehow

All men are death are gone
And life has been picked up again here
But now without me they must life
I knew it all along...I knew it somewhere

One child cries time by time
I watch here standing by my body and feel here hands
One word she stumbles and then she rised up
And rules over my lands

I am glad to see her rule
I know she is a good queen
Cause she looks so must on me
Althought she is just a queen

She rules for me the people
All the angels are safe under her wings
I know that a day will come
That she can't sing

I know that a war will come again
So does she know
but she is changing the times
Don't now how

But there will be no fight again
Are some kind of war
Cause thay life in the same building
For men to far...

- SecretMistery -

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