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15 juli 2004 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Animal liberation up my ass
You canít free animals if they donít have a niche to live in
You canít demand the freedom if we need to use them
Without animals we wouldnít be here
Climbed from the trees, dived in the ocean
And concurred the surface off the almighty energy
We ate their precious bodies
it provided us with proteins
Our brains started to grow
And we are HUMANS the stampeding animal
Who disobeys the rule
Survival of the fittest
We eat to talk, to evolve, to breed
We keep to show, our power and money
We kept for company and hunting
We keep for medicines and make-up
We love our pets and fur
We hate the insects and non-cuddle animals
We investigate to learn
And wanna learn more
After some lives we know and cure
After more lives we know information
Which is a greater cost than benefit
People keep animals to feed themselves and family
Economy created the process of animals whom became products
Welfare brought us animal ethics
Other people started to protested
Still people who needed to earn
Theyíre stuck in a corner
WTO, the great western economy, Europe
And are doomed too meet the demand
The better western culture against the poor third world
Mass-production collided with law
Animal welfare organisation and other NGOís,
The feeling WE are non-barbaric
We made rules to keep and produce animals
So we think that we care and that the product is happy
The people stuck in a corner changed the cage, and living conditions
Economy changes, the world relations changes
We investigate and know more
Cuddle is more cuddle and the rest is disposable
So no one is satisfied and more laws are made
More corners for more people and animals are found
Some people think they know and release the furry thingies
Without knowing that millions were paid to increase welfare
Without knowing that there are people behind these furry things
Without knowing the relations between animals
So who knows and will listed to all involved animals

- biancalja -

Gecontroleerd door: Sheena


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 The unreachable corner
Donderdag, juli 15, 2004 18:25 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
You're right..we should treat animals with the respect they diserve...
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