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Living like a diva
that was my life before
Living and judging people
that was my job to do

Living like a gentlemen
that was my life before
judging and screaming to our slaves
that was my job to do

But he changed his life
He begon to life at the streets at night
He learns to learn people before he judge
He learns everything 'bout life

He met me at a dinner, our fathers organised
They let us sit by all the teenage people who are so boring
and then he said to me : Let's go away!
I looked at him and gave him my hand

We walked away and climing out of the window
He helpes me carefully out of the window and smiled to me
'You are the first one that's rich and goes with me'he said
'And you are the first one I go with' I answerd back

We were running to the streets and I am laughing for real
I 'd never laughed so real in my whole life!
I had fun all of the evening...
untill we must go

Our fathers hadn't missed us, but that was normal
If I was kidnapped, he wouldn't noticed!
I spoke to my best friend, that boy...
After that party..we go every night out..together!

I could do anything in my whole life my mother said
I had money,I was a real lady and I could marry a good and rich man.
I have a man for you..and you'll gonna marry him she said
I looked in her face and say I won't

She lookes to me and said calmly that I will marry him
He is so good,he is very rich and you'll never have to work!
But I don't love him, and I wanted to work!
She looked at me and said I would stay in my room untill the wedding.

I cried on my bed , alone in my room
My mother has done my room locked so I can't go away
But she hadn't locked the windows!
I looked out the window that night..en he comes to me

When we were walking on the street I tell them the whole story
I know, I had heard it.They already have a wife for me too.
I looked to him, I was scared
Don't worry, I'll marry you,not some one else!

We hugged and kissed and sitting on a caugh in the park
We could ask our parents to marry us he said
I looked to him and said yes.
If they don't aggree, I will go to you tomorrow and we will leave.

We walked back and I went to bed
The next morning I asked my parents gentlely
but they said no..cause they can't break that other promise
I said that the promise will be broken, it doesn't matter anymore.

That night I trew my bag out of the window and waited on my boy
He came and we both run away.
His father has given him money,he aggrees with it
But his mother didn't and now he must leave

Together we go to a church and let marry us
His father sat with us and gaves me away to him
I cried tears of happyness, just like he did
His father cries with us and then wishes us all the luck

I must go now, mother is waiting
She don't know what I am doing, but I will lie for you both
I hope you will let me know where you are
And let me know if you needed something.

We hugged all together and than say goodbye
We knew that he wasn't suppoosed to lie against his wife
And so we got a message, just a day after our marry
She was upsad and didn't want to speak to him again.

A year later we've got a child, called Benjamin
He was named at his grandpa who has saved us
His grandpa came and visit us so much as he can
and always he brings messages from my parents and his wife

'dear children
Our hate is so muchand our forgiveness so little
but we hope we may see our grandchild.
We know we hadn't support you but we just don't believe in it
goodbye our children!
signt by the grandparents of Benjamin'

that was the message that they gived.
I send the message back met the words : do what you can't tough
See what you have destroyed before
Feel the sorrow and give us hope
Your child.

We hadn't heard from them again and so we visit them
They saw their grandchild and loving him for what he is
But they didn't forgive us and hate us forever
But we life, and we can't change them

It doesn't matters anymore to them
They are death now
I wish it was gone different
But they had the future in their hands....

*ik weet neit waar dit verhaal eigenlijk nou precies op slaat, maar ik typ het gewoon zomaar ... Ik houdt van verhalen waarin mensen veranderen of waar je van denkt dt het niet kan...ik houdt van allerlei verhalen...miscchien typ ik het daarom?:S*

- SecretMistery -

Gecontroleerd door: Carama


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 Fading Away corner
Donderdag, mei 20, 2004 22:28 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Ik vind hem erg mooi.. ja, ik geloof dat ik ook wel van dat soort verhalen houd :)
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